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Solo Projects

King of Delusion
King of Delusion, 2017
My Old Clothes
My Old Clothes, 2015
Have You Seen Me
Have You Seen Me, 2013
ragpickers, released 2012Ragpickers, 2012
Zibbi Dibbi Doo Zibbi Wah Zibbi Doo Wah Doo, released 2010
Zibbi Dibbi Doo, 2010
bluebird, 2009Bluebird, 2009 all the miles, released 2008
All the Miles, 2008
lazy eye, released 2007
Lazy Eye, 2007
combustible, released 2005
Combustible, 2005
 dopamine, 2002Dopamine, 2002    


pocket call from my dreams, released 2016
Chris Chandler: Pocket Call From My Dreams
matadors, released 2011
Chris Chandler:
Matadors, 2011
so, where ya headed, released 2009
Chris Chandler: So, Where Ya Headed, 2009
songs for shelter, 2005
Songs for Shelter, 2005
Solid Ground Fundraiser
book of puzzles, released 2005
Eric Apoe & They:
Book of Puzzles, 2005
hanuman collective, released 2004
The Hanuman Collective: Self-Titled, 2004
hanuman shine, released 2000
Shine, 2002
dream asylum, released 2000
Eric Apoe & They: Dream Asylum, 2000
pedalhorse, 2000Hanuman:
Pedalhorse, 2000
hanuman self-titled, released 1997Hanuman:
Self-Titled, 2000
hanuman trio live, released 1999Hanuman Trio
Live, 1999
it's a shame, released 1997Crosseyed:
It’s a Shame, 1997
crosseyed cat, released 1996
Crosseyed Cat, 1996
songs of love and doom, 1996
Eric Apoe: Songs of Love and Doom, 1996
time stands still, released 1995Reggie Garrett: Time Stands Still, 1995 welcome to my world, released 1991Reggie Garrett: Welcome to My World, 1991