Paul Benoit Press Kit

Paul Benoit Music Media Kit


Stray Dog Music, Zebediah Records, released 2009

All songs were written and produced by Paul Benoit; guitars and vocals recorded by William Blackstone at Casa Tortuga, El Salvador


  1. Bluebird
  2. All My Friends Are Crazy
  3. There’s No Fallin’
  4. Let Me Down Easy
  5. If Love is a Stranger
  6. Plow
  7. Call You Out
  8. This is Not You
  9. Come Your Way
  10. Leave It As It Lies
  11. Sad Melody

Watch the video recorded live at Casa Tortuga!

Paul and Sydney hanging out and singing ‘Bluebird’ from his album Bluebird – Casa Garrobo, El Salvador

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